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The Importance of Attendance
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"We all have dreams. But in order to make dreams come into reality, it takes an awful lot of determination, dedication, self-discipline, and effort."  

~ Jesse Owens
Encourage your child to work hard.  There will be benefits.

Common Core Standards

For more detailed information, please visit the Common Core Standards website at



Fast Facts
  • Benefits for K-12 Students, Teachers & FamiliesAlthough common standards cannot improve the quality of K-12 education in the U.S. single-handedly, they set several benefits and advantages into motion.
  • Establish a clear set of expectations for every teacher and student.
  • Make it easier for students who move from school-to-school and state-to-state to make a seamless transition, and remain confident that their K-12 education leads to college, skills training or the workplace.
  • Boost the competitive advantage of American students, who for the first time will have the opportunity to meet the academic standards set by top-performing countries.
  • Create goals for every grade, which are consistent and transparent to parents, students, teachers and the public.
  • Make it possible for educators to work collaboratively — coast to coast — as they adapt and enrich common standards with learning activities and new best practices.
  • Encourage publishers and educational developers to align textbooks, digital media and instructional materials to common standards.
  • Support the development of a unified, comprehensive and consistent assessment system.
  • Prompt policy changes necessary to support students and teachers as they meet the teaching and learning goals of the common standards.
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  • What are Common Assessments ?
    Common Assessments (CA) usually consist of 10 questions that assess how students are performing on subject objectives throughout the nine weeks.  CAs count as a daily grade which means that they count once in the gradebook.  After completing the assessment, teachers use the results to determine which objectives/skills the students need to continue to focus on during the nine weeks.  CAs are given by all the schools in the Pascagoula-Gautier School District to monitor the students' progress.  The questions have been created to resemble the questions on the MCT2 (Mississippi Curriculum Test).